Philippines Commission on Human Rights Chair Rosales on ‘Hate Crimes’


The idea is quite weird. Here are some of my thoughts:

As opposed to what you call “common crimes”, now we have special crimes according to CHR.

“These are people who are discriminated against — binaril, tinotorture, ninanakawan — dahil galit dahil sa sexual orientation niya,” Rosales explained.”
/How presumptuous of chair Rosales to make such a claim. That would be ‘thought policing’, a very subjective endeavor.

“LGBT rights advocates have previously called on the government to conduct a congressional inquiry on LGBT-targeted hate crimes in aid of legislation. The probe, they said, will help determine additional preventive and punitive measures needed to address the issue.”
/As I’ve noted before, does it mean there should be higher penalties for those crimes committed to LGBT persons compared to vice versa or those committed to straight persons? Why can’t we just solve crime for what it is? I’ve always thought equality means no special treatment to any particular group. Thanks!

Rosales is hopeful that the move will eventually lead to better prosecution and investigation of hate crimes based on SOGI, describing them as “gross violations of human rights.”
and other crimes aren’t “gross violations of human rights.”? And do not deserve “better prosecution and investigation”?

“This move may be able to mainstreamize or popularize the LGBT issue, and in turn, will propagate wider acceptance for this minority.”
/Well, it’s really about this isn’t it? To lend legitimacy & force social acceptance of a particular lifestyle/sub-cultur­e.

“— as if their lifestyle needed approval before it can be lived out.”
/We can’t force other people to accept it and much less celebrate it, though (as many in this news site would like us do), using government force and social engineering. I don’t care how you live your life and you do not need my permission or anyone else’s.
While I do not agree with your views, I support your right as an individual to live in a safe environment, much like everyone else’s, after all, we are of equal worth as citizens, right? But, thought police, preferential penalties, and government protection? This screams special treatment to LGBT.

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